A woman sitting in a modern office at a large white desk in front of a window. Through the window we see a modern office block across the street. She is reading one of several books spread out on the desk. One arm is up in the air expressing exasperation.

Strong Fear of Failure Creates Exhaustion and Burnout

We struggle to admit to ourselves that we may be heading for burnout.

Are we afraid of failure, of letting people down, or do we genuinely think we are ok, and we can cope?

No one plans to reach burnout.

“I’m looking forward to my burnout” said no one ever!

No matter how stressed you feel, or how scared of letting people down you might be, you can get help to turn things around.

Burnout is not inevitable.

Looking back, I wish I’d taken more notice of how I felt in the lead-up to my burnout. The signs were there. People cared.

I knew it would be better when things (that I realise now were outside of my control) changed.

I didn’t want to let my family down.

I didn’t want to let my colleagues down.

I thought that I could cope, anybody else would be able to, so why couldn’t I?

I was afraid that I would fail, so I kept going.

It’s been over 20 years since my burnout. I’ve learnt so much since then.

The biggest lesson is that burnout can be avoided.

If you’re worried about burnout, then look at my Rediscovery Programme. It is designed to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

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