A selection of plants in pots in the garden. Front and centre is a Lego Bonsai tree in pink blossom representing something different.


Tag: nature

  • Meandering for mental health

    Meandering for mental health

    A few years ago Swindale Beck was restored to its original meandering path. It had been straightened about 200 years ago to improve farming on the land around it. Unfortunately there were unintended consequences. The fast flowing water meant that fish could no longer spawn as their habitat had changed. Biodiversity in the stream and along…

  • Know Yourself to Know Success

    Know Yourself to Know Success

    To be truly successful, you must enjoy your life. Success is not going to bring you happiness if you measure it by the wrong criteria for you. Having lots of money but no time to enjoy it will not bring happiness. Financial rewards do not mean you are successful in life. It’s vital to know…

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