Solution Focused Session

Get past the biggest problem that’s blocking you

Have you ever felt like you’re up against a block, like there’s a high wall in front of you, and you can’t see a way past it?

Do you feel burnout heading your way?

Solution focussed coaching is a fantastic way to move forward, especially if you’ve already tried but still feel stuck.

This longer coaching session (up to four hours) is designed for when you need to take quick action on one problem area.

An intensive session with the time to dive deep

Breakthrough coaching is based on a solution focused model.

What to expect

Stage 1: Problem Identification

With help, you will figure out exactly what the problem is. It will be examined from different angles, finding new perspectives and clarity.

Are there underlying issues to consider?

Stage 2: Creating Goal(s)

Once you have a good grasp of the problem, we can spend time getting to the detail of what you want to achieve.

There are several tools to help you gain clarity on your goal. We could employ structured discussion, guided visualisation, post success interview role play, divination, or build the goal by iterative writing. One or more technique can be used depending on your preference.

Stage 3: Generating Potential Solutions

This is where all ideas for solutions are created. What have you already tried? What didn’t work, what nearly worked? What other ideas have you dismissed in the past?

What are your strengths and skills you can take to each potential solution? What skills might you need to develop? What behaviours are required for each solution, are they natural behaviours for you?

What are the consequences of each potential solution? Are there any negative connotations? What potential additional benefits are there?

Stage 4: Creating an Action Plan

After examining all the potential solutions generated in stage 3 you will choose which one(s) you will pursue.

You will create an Action Plan that you take with you to remind you what you are trying to achieve, why, and how you will achieve it.

The Action Plan will also record some of the obstacles identified in stage 3, and your thoughts on how to overcome them.

When you finish the breakthrough session you will have a renewed energy to work through your bespoke Action Plan and achieve your goal.

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