Solution Focused Session

Get past the biggest problem that’s blocking you

Have you ever felt like you’re up against a block, like there’s a high wall in front of you, and you can’t see a way past it?

Solution focussed coaching is a fantastic way to move forward, especially if you’ve already tried to solve the problem yourself, but still feel stuck.

This half-day coaching session is designed specifically to help you find the best way forward, for you.

An intensive session with the time to dive deep

Breakthrough coaching is based on a solution focused model.

What to expect

Stage 1: What does the ‘problem’ fully look like?

Reviewing from different angles to gain clarity.

Stage 2: What does ‘solved’ look like?

Spending time getting to the detail of what you want to achieve.

Stage 3: What could the way forward look like?

This is where all ideas for solutions are created.

Stage 4: Planning the ‘best’ way forward

Choose your way forward and develop your plan.

Discover renewed energy and a new way to achieve your goal.

Take the first step in breaking through.

Book the free first call to tell me what you need help with and we will plan how we’ll work together.