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Do you have a neurodivergent employee who would benefit from coaching and mentoring to help them navigate the workplace? Do they need help finding reasonable adjustments so that they can fully tap into their strengths?

The manager of a neurodivergent member of staff will benefit from coaching. Developing an understanding of how to work with a neurodivergent member of staff to ensure they remain a happy and productive team member is vital to the success of any organisation.

Neurodiversity Awareness Training

As the diagnostic rates for neurodiversity have increased it has become clear that a significant proportion of the population has one or more neurodiversities.

This means it is highly likely that you have neurodivergents in your organisation or your customer base.

Awareness training can help your organisation support your staff and deliver a better product or service to your customers.

Actually Autistic Speaker

I can adapt the talk to focus on areas your audience will find relevant as long as it has been part of my experience.

It was first suggested that I was autistic just after my 56th birthday and received a diagnosis a year later.

I can talk about the experience of living undiagnosed for much of my life and career. What did I struggle with? What did I excel at? How did this affect my mental health.

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