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How to Relieve Stress and Overwhelm

How to Relieve Stress and Overwhelm


A selection of practical steps you can take, distilled from my personal experience and from my experience in working with people like you. For each tactic there is a description of what to do and why it helps. Choose the tactics that appeal to you most right now and start towards your stress-free success.

34 Productivity Tips:

How to Create Time to Do What You Love

34 productivity tips

The tips I’ve chosen for this download are a collection that work in harmony with each other. The tips have stood the test of time. Pick the ones that resonate with you and introduce them into your life as you move towards stress-free success.

Action Tracker for Meetings


This is a template that distills best practices for managing tasks and meetings. It has been refined over many years!

I have shared this with many teams, and it has revolutionised the way they track actions between meeting cycles. It has reduced the burden of minute taking and allowed easy reviews of historical actions without having to find and trawl through multiple sets of meeting minutes.

There is a full set of instructions on one of the tabs.

You can change the terminology used in the spreadsheet to suit your needs. You can play with it to your heart’s desire, I have not locked the document to prevent you making changes.

5 Ways to De-Stress and Get Unstuck


Designed to be readable on a phone screen.

Each exercise is designed to combat either stress, overwhelm or unhelpful inactivity.

Download these easy to do exercises and keep them handy.