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Is this you?

  • You are feeling overwhelmed by everything you must do.
  • Your enjoyment of life has faded to a distant memory.
  • You are exhausted and stressed.
  • You can’t find a peaceful moment to yourself without worrying about stuff.
  • Your brain is always busy, but it’s not getting anywhere.
  • You don’t seem to have many choices in what is driving you.

This guide helps you to:

  • understand the differences between Stress and Overwhelm.
  • understand what is happening physically and mentally when you’re stressed.
  • see that everyone gets overwhelmed and/or stressed sometimes.
  • see that you can get a feeling of control back.
  • see that stress is not inevitable when striving for success.

Results you can expect

  • You can see what is overwhelming you and start the plan to regain control.
  • You can sleep better.
  • You can feel your zest for life coming back.
  • Discover self-compassion and feel more human.
  • Find peaceful moments for yourself.
  • Ease the noise inside your head.
  • Start putting your needs first.

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What’s included

This guide is in two main parts:

Part 1. Guide to Stress

About Stress and Overwhelm and how it can creep up on you. It also explains a bit about making choices and how to regain control.

Part 2: Fifteen Tactics to Relieve Stress and Overwhelm

A selection of practical steps you can take, distilled from my personal experience and from my experience in working with people like you. For each tactic, a description of what to do and why it helps. Choose the tactics that appeal to you most right now and start towards your stress-free success.

A Little Bit About Donnie

I love creating a supportive, safe space for people to figure out who they really are and what is important to them. I find joy in helping people discover what they really need to feel fulfilled in life. I feel strongly about people having the time and space to rediscover their truth.

I believe in keeping things simple. Life has enough complexities without us making things more difficult than they need to be. It takes conscious focus to simplify things, to get the essence and remove the unimportant.

My prime methodology is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching although I am qualified and experienced in a wide range of methodologies.

I am, a softly spoken Scot, living in Whitstable, Kent along with my wife Sasha. I can often be found absorbing all the news around Formula 1 or taking my time in nature.

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