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Personal Coaching

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Not everyone needs coaching which focuses on their neurodiversity. Your neurodiversity is part of you, it’s unlikely to be everything about you.

As an autistic person I appreciate that the coaching models sometimes need applying differently for neurodivergents.

Coaching is always driven by you, your needs and your desire for change. You are the expert in what you want to change and the barriers that are in your way.

Using my training and experience we work together to find ways that work for you. We examine what works, to help build more success. We also look at what isn’t working, for there is learning in that.

As your coach I will support you as you make the changes you desire. There are no judgements on what you want to achieve, or what difficulties or strengths you bring to each session.

If none of the scenarios below suit your needs right now, then we can work in a traditional coaching way where each session is led by what you want to work on that day. It’s coaching support for your whole life.

Solution Focused Session

You have hit a situation that you’ve been unable to resolve so far.

You would like some time and space with a coach experienced in guiding people through a process of finding new solutions that work for you.

Ideal for people who want a half day to achieve a breakthrough on one topic.

Workplace Support

Are you unsure of how to thrive in the workplace? Do you know what kind of reasonable adjustments to ask for? Do you have trouble reading the culture or discussing your needs with your peers or manager? Are you unsure whether to share your neurodivergent needs with your employer and colleagues?

Ideal if you are neurodivergent and you want a fellow neurodivergent to support you in employment, or self-employment.


A structured program designed to help you understand yourself and your needs.

Whether you feel you have been living the wrong life or one that just isn’t bringing you fulfilment anymore, this program will help you rediscover your true self.

This program is also suitable for you if you’ve been struggling to adapt to a late, or adult, diagnosis of neurodiversity. The program gives you the time, space and support to understand what this means for you.

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Firework Career Coaching

Not fitting in or feeling unfulfilled by your career? Burnt out or overwhelmed in your current workplace?

There are many reasons that people want to change careers.

This structured program is aimed at finding a career that enables you to flourish and thrive.

As a licenced Firework coach I will guide you through the process in a neurodivergent supportive fashion.

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