With the right tools and support,

Autistic and ADHD professionals like you

can go from surviving

to actually thriving in neurotypical environments.

I’m Donnie, an autistic Coach and Mentor

for fellow autistic and ADHD professionals.

I coach and mentor professionals who are self-diagnosed or officially diagnosed with


Inattentive ADHD

Hyperactive ADHD

A combination of any/all of the above

Here are just a few benefits of neurodivergence coaching

  • You recognise you are NOT failing – you are neurodivergent in a neurotypical environment
  • You experience inner peace
  • You recover from burnout
  • You feel confident in your neurodivergent self
  • You determine the reasonable adjustments to ask your employer for
  • You have renewed hope that you can be yourself and still thrive in the world
  • You discover and develop your unique strengths
  • You vastly reduce your daily stress levels
  • You are able to cope effectively in neurotypical environments
  • You dramatically reduce the risk of future burnouts

Free! 5 Ways to Find Calm in Under 5 Minutes

Download these easy to do exercises and keep them handy.

Each exercise is designed to combat either stress, overwhelm or unhelpful inactivity.

Designed to be readable on a phone screen.

In our coaching or mentoring sessions

  • You get clear insights into who you really are
  • You discover what you really want
  • You get to create and implement boundaries that support your neurodivergent needs
  • You find out how to manage work and life in neurotypical environments 
  • You can find ways of managing change that make life easier
  • You develop effective self-care methods that work for YOU
  • You learn how to develop strong self-compassion no matter what is happening in your life

I offer

  • A structured approach to understanding your needs.
  • A natural approach to self-care, self-compassion, and stress-management.
  • A supporting approach, moving forward in simple, achievable steps, wherever your starting point is.
  • Insights that unlock the possibilities that exist in you.

Let’s build your fulfilled neurodivergent life!

Our image of success is often created by our friends, family, and society.

Figuring out your definition of success, your baseline needs, and your essential boundaries gives you the best chance of achieving fulfillment in life.

A Little Bit About Donnie

I love creating a supportive, safe space for people to figure out who they really are and what is important to them. I find joy in helping people discover what they really need to feel fulfilled in life. I feel strongly about people having the time and space to rediscover their truth.

I’m an autistic man who grew up not knowing I was part of the nuerodivergent community. When I disovered I was autistic, my entire life started to make sense. From my earliest memories to more recent work-life challenges, the reason I had struggled became crystal clear.

Since discovering my autism, I now live and work in ways that support my neurodivergent needs. The difference these changes have made is life-changing and I’m finding new ways of adding to these every day.

I believe in keeping things simple. Life has enough complexities without us making things more difficult than they need to be. It takes conscious focus to simplify things, to get the essence and remove the unimportant.

I am a fully qualified and insured coach and mentor. I have over 20 years of coaching experience to support you in your journey.

I am a Highlander, living in Whitstable, Kent along with my wife Sasha. I can often be found road cycling, absorbing all the news around Formula 1 or spending time in nature.

What Clients Say…

“A very positive experience”

Thanks to his excellent Business Coaching I was able to cut through all the fog that was getting in the way and develop a strategy that suited my aspirations for the business.
Lee Stampton
Owner of Health and Safety South East Ltd

“Working with Donnie was very easy”

External potentially disruptive changes were handled with minimal impact to cash flow, as a result, financial performance, operating procedures and management team performance have all improved.
Ramsay Cowan
Owner/Director of IPS International Ltd

“An invaluable source of support”

His flexible approach enables you to work with the changing and unpredictable nature of what life sometimes throws at you and develop a way forward that leaves you feeling more in control.
Sophie Chadwick
Director of Enterprise and Employability at CCCU

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