Rediscover Yourself

What does success mean to you?

Our image of success is created by our friends, family, and society. Figuring out what your own deeper definition of success is will give you the best chance of achieving fulfillment in life.

What are you finding stressful?

Areas of your life that are stressful often point you to what isn’t working for you. This is a rich vein of information to explore. Which parts of your life feels incongruent? Let’s get them aligned with your true self.

Some stresses are external and not within your control, but you can choose how you react to them.

Many areas of stress are within your control, or influence.

Learn how to examine your stress and discomfort to guide you to your fulfilling life.

What is getting in the way of fulfillment?

Do you want help to remove these blocks?

This is the help I offer

  • A non-judgemental space to answer the three questions above.
  • A safe space to rediscover yourself.
  • A natural approach to self-care, self-compassion, stress-management, and personal productivity.
  • A structured approach, moving forward in simple, achievable steps, wherever your starting point is.
  • Insights that unlock the possibilities that exist in you.


A Little Bit About Donnie

I love creating a supportive, safe space for people to figure out who they really are and what is important to them. I find joy in helping people discover what they really need to feel fulfilled in life. I feel strongly about people having the time and space to rediscover their truth.

I believe in keeping things simple. Life has enough complexities without us making things more difficult than they need to be. It takes conscious focus to simplify things, to get the essence and remove the unimportant.

My prime methodology is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching although I am qualified and experienced in a wide range of methodologies.

I am, a softly spoken Scot, living in Whitstable, Kent along with my wife Sasha. I can often be found absorbing all the news around Formula 1 or taking my time in nature.

What Clients Say…

A very positive experience

Thanks to his excellent Business Coaching I was able to cut through all the fog that was getting in the way and develop a strategy that suited my aspirations for the business.
Lee Stampton
Owner of Health and Safety South East Ltd

Working with Donnie was very easy

External potentially disruptive changes were handled with minimal impact to cash flow, as a result, financial performance, operating procedures and management team performance have all improved.
Ramsay Cowan
Owner/Director of IPS International Ltd

An invaluable source of support

His flexible approach enables you to work with the changing and unpredictable nature of what life sometimes throws at you and develop a way forward that leaves you feeling more in control.
Sophie Chadwick
Director of Enterprise and Employability at CCCU

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