A three by three layout of wooden scrabble tiles spelling out who are you.

Feel Better by Knowing Yourself

It’s a common story, some call it a midlife crisis, for others it’s an awakening. We all know of people who have made significant changes in their lives. For some it is slow and steady, for others it’s a seemingly snap decision.

It often comes from examining your life, figuring out what’s important to you. It may be triggered by a loss of a loved one, loss of a career, or significant financial loss. Perhaps the changes come after a late diagnosis of a neurodivergence, therapy, coaching, or private reflection because you feel stressed. Whatever the reason for the process, or whatever the speed of change, it usually comes as you develop a better understanding of who you are.

Your New Knowledge

  • What is important in your life
  • Who is important in your life
  • What your values are
  • What you are good at
  • What you enjoy in life (and work)

This is a healthy process. It is hugely beneficial to know yourself and base your life decisions upon this knowledge. It’s not just the big stuff, it’s the myriad of small decisions too.

Removing the Pain

Knowing yourself means you can choose to be true to yourself. It can remove the painful gap you experience between who you actually are inside and how you feel you need to be for the benefit of others. This painful gap can build slowly or appear as a sudden awakening.

A late diagnosis of autism may help you realise that you’ve been using a lot of resources masking, or camouflaging, to prevent others from seeing your struggles.

If you feel the pain of the gap, looking at who you really are, inside, is a great place to start. Begin by looking inside and getting to know yourself. You can then build your future on firm foundations. Success is best built on solid foundations.

I can help you find a way out of the pain. I’ve had pain myself and I know myself better as a result. You too can feel better if you truly know yourself. Drop me an email or connect on LinkedIn if you’d like a chat.


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